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Just now, the alarm system in the office remembered for some reason.

Xiao Wang, who was going to the toilet in the office, didn’t care. It wasn’t until he heard the nervous noise outside the toilet that he realized that there seemed to be an accident in the office. Before he could even wipe his butt, he rushed out of the toilet, and as a result, the glass door of the office area was locked. Outside the glass door, several people were pulling orange-red tape to block the company door.

“Wait, let me go out, I haven’t gone out yet!” Xiao Wang shouted loudly, because the alarm bell was right above his head.

“Who are you?” The staff outside the door, fully armed and wearing protective clothing, also asked in a shouting way.

“I’m an employee here, let me out!”

“I didn’t get approval, you can’t come out!”


The staff thought he didn’t understand and shouted, “I didn’t get approval, so I can’t let you out!”

“I’m an employee of this company, why don’t you let me out!”

“You can’t say you’re an employee here, I’ll just take your word for it!”

“Then how do I get out!”

“Go and fill out the application, apply to get out of here!”

“How do I apply!”

“Go to the studio downstairs in the office building to fill in!”

“I can’t fucking get out, how do you ask me to apply!”

“I can’t do anything about it, that’s how the process is set!”

“Let me out!” Xiao Wang was obviously a little angry, especially the alarm bell on his head. The noise it made had already made him feel irritable. He started to push the glass door, which scared the two staff members at a loss. , they said something on the walkie-talkie and backed far away. It was not until the police came that Xiao Wang felt that the savior was coming, and hurriedly shouted: “Comrade police, let me out, I’m an employee here!”

Apparently the policeman was not willing to take a half step forward, as if he was hiding from the plague, he squeezed the mask iron hoop on the bridge of his nose tightly again. He pointed to the ceiling, and in the eyes of Xiao Wang, whose noise broke through his eardrums and psychological defenses, he seemed to be playing some kind of mime. Until the alarm bell above his head was turned off, he immediately shouted again: “Comrade police…”

“Who are you?” The police interrupted Xiao Wang’s accusation.

“I…I’m an employee here, and I was on the toilet just now.”

“Everyone is leaving when they hear the alarm bell, why are you still going to the toilet?”

“I didn’t know to evacuate.”

“You don’t know? Is that our responsibility?”

“No, I know now, you can let me out.”

“No, you have to apply.”

“How to apply?”

“Go to the office in the office building and open an exit slip.”

“I’m closed now! How do I get out?”

“This has nothing to do with us, the process is like this, please understand.”

“Then what happened? Why did you call the police?”

“I don’t know, but it called the police.”

“I don’t know, you closed this place?”

“Yeah, because it called the police.”

“I am going to report you now, you are simply exercising your rights!”

“Okay, if you want to report, you can write an application.”

“How to apply.”

“Go to the local sub-district office to write an application.”

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