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When I was cutting vegetables and cooking noodles, I heard someone knock on the door. I stopped and opened the door and saw that it was “Ahui”. I thought he was asking me to climb the mountain, but I felt that this was not right until it was twelve o’clock. Ah Hui told me that I found out that it was he who had “diarrhea” last week. His mother found out and sent him some bananas to clear his stomach ( bananas can soothe his bowels). Ah Hui said that he couldn’t eat so many bananas alone🍌, and they would be broken after a long time, so he asked me to go up and get some, and I said that I would go up and get some after I cut the vegetables.

Today’s side dishes are only six kinds of “Chinese cabbage, broccoli, Japanese tofu, potatoes, onions, and white radish”. I can’t find vegetables that can be stored for a long time, otherwise the more side dishes, the better (absolutely nutritious). When I cooked the side dishes, I found out that the “carrots” were finished, and I had to go to the nearby supermarket to buy them tomorrow.

When I started the pot, I wanted to put it in a bowl, but because there was too much Chinese cabbage, I couldn’t fit in one bowl, so I could only eat it directly with the pot.

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