At that moment, I understood what chattering is

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Have you ever seen a middle-aged uncle who pointed at the delivery guy’s nose in the rain?

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The last few months can be regarded as a small trough in my career (it seems that it has been a trough since graduation?), working for four or five years, a very embarrassing period. On the one hand, the stupefaction after graduation has disappeared, and gradually I can’t accept the so-called “seeing development”. , there will be some expansion, and I feel that I only use those things in my business, and I have tossed those things over and over again, and I think that I am very stupid and bad. I want to change to a more difficult direction and start growing again. Based on this consideration, I have begun to understand my own price in the market in the past few months. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the economic situation has been extremely difficult in the past few years, or I am really useless. “There has never been a very suitable opportunity” ( Pay attention to the quotation marks here, the frustration is really strong), so I have been very anxious inside.

I don’t know why I have to make myself very anxious, but I seem to have always been like this, uneasy about the status quo, and always hope that I will keep growing and growing. This pressure is buried in my heart. On the surface, this person seems to be calm and concerned. , but actually don’t know when it will break out. On the one hand, this kind of waiting for no whereabouts destroyed my self-confidence. I once thought that I had chosen the wrong career and the wrong direction. Maybe if I made another choice, there would be more market demand? On the other hand, this anxiety is also affecting my interest in doing other things. Even though there are constant reminders that the party wants to see my new improvisational accompaniment work, but I have no intention of practicing the piano at all, even though I know that I have not blogged for a long time, But I didn’t even bother to write.

However, I recently decided to take a one-time annual leave, go home, adjust myself, and simply talk about something I saw a few days ago.

Do you like sunny or rainy days?

The title above is a line in “The Secret That Can’t Be Said”. I don’t seem to have a particular preference, but I don’t really like the rainy days in the south. The shoes never dry, and the clothes won’t dry. I really like the dry climate in the north. I do laundry the first night and can collect it the next morning. Why do I suddenly think of the lines in this movie? It hasn’t rained for a long time in the city where I live, and my daily life is completely dependent on air conditioners. However, it has finally started to rain in the last few days. The heat in my heart did not subside. Therefore, although I like dryness and sunny days, but in hot weather, I still like a timely rain to bring down fire.

I rarely drive on rainy days. I remember when I was very young, I was sitting in the co-pilot of my father’s taxi. My father told me that when I go out, I usually don’t go out on rainy days. The road can be slippery, a little careless, there may be traffic accidents. It’s raining, not to mention. Since then, although I remembered that I should try not to drive on rainy days, after all, poor children rarely have the opportunity to drive. In fact, compared to rainy days, I don’t like driving at night. Maybe it’s because of my myopia. Even if I wear glasses, I always feel that my vision is not good at night. In a flash, the eyes did not adapt to the one or two second blank period.

The first time I drove through a rainstorm was on the way back to a nearby scenic spot some time ago. Although the weather forecast was rainy that day, the car was driving on the highway and felt like it was rushing into a waterfall in an instant. It was not raindrops hitting the windshield. Instead, it feels like buckets of water are poured directly onto the windshield. Even if the wipers are adjusted to the fastest gear, the road ahead cannot be fully seen. At this time, all the cars seemed to have reached an inexplicable tacit understanding. Everyone kept a certain distance between cars in their respective lanes, lowered their speed, and drove calmly and cautiously, without a car changing lanes or overtaking. Some cars have double flashing turned on, and some cars have fog lights turned on. At that moment, I realized that double flashing is really not that useful in rainy and foggy days. You really can’t see the car in front of you unless he has fog lights on . If you have a car’s iron juice, remember to learn how to turn on the fog lights in your car.

At that moment I understood what chattering is

In fact, the first time I drove through a rainstorm, I felt very fortunate. Although I had no relevant experience, the car drove very slowly and only dared to follow the car in front. I did what he did, but I felt that everyone was calm, maybe it was just my illusion , we all know that it is not safe to drive too fast. But in the recent rain, people in the city don’t seem to have the peace of mind, and some just don’t want to get caught in the rain.

Went to see a friend last weekend, and one of the strange things was that even on a road without traffic jams, there would be traffic jams on rainy days. I was driving in the middle lane and for some reason the right lane was moving very slowly. After 100 meters, I found a gray car parked in the right lane with the main driver’s door open not far away. I was still wondering, what’s wrong with this car? Blocking the road on rainy days and not letting everyone go? When I walked in, I found that the owner was in front of the car, drenched in the rain. He grabbed the delivery guy’s battery car with one hand and pointed at the delivery guy’s nose with the other. On the top of the Mediterranean Sea, the T-shirt was soaked by the rain and pressed tightly against his beer belly. The expression was mixed and it was hard to see, but it seemed that he could feel the dirty words coming out of his mouth even from a distance. The salesman looked back at him, wearing a helmet, let him scold him, and didn’t know what to do.

As soon as you guessed the reason for the incident, you could see that the road was slippery in rainy days, the driver was distracted, and the takeaway brother was running wildly, and the two met. Who do you say is at fault? Everyone is wrong. When driving in the rain, drivers should be cautious and slow down at the intersection in advance. Takeaway guys, you should really obey the traffic rules. Some takeaway guys are too crazy. But we are not talking about traffic with Tan Sir after all. My focus is why everyone is so impatient and chattering.

In fact, from my words, I can also see my disgust for car owners, such a greasy, unreasonable middle-aged uncle. I’m thinking this could happen to me? I think there is a high probability not. First of all, I drive very well. Since I got my driver’s license in 2018, I haven’t scored a single point. Secondly, when it comes to driving, I’m a slow person, I don’t have road rage, I go my way, you go your way, you want to stop, you don’t obey the traffic rules, then I’m used to you, Sooner or later, a ruthless character will take care of you. Finally, some driving habits were formed as early as when you first learned to drive, how to route the line when turning a big bend on a mountain road, why you need to slow down when entering and exiting a tunnel, release the accelerator before crossing the intersection and put your foot on the brake, etc. So I think, the probability of my traffic accident is very low.

So what if it really was me and the courier boy who collided? I think, first of all, I’m not a person who likes to express my emotions. The way I express my emotions is that I feel sad. So I won’t point at the delivery guy’s nose and scold him to soothe the anger in my heart. Secondly, I will think about how to solve the problem in the first place, whether to call someone from the insurance company to settle the claim, or to pay out of my own pocket for the loss. In short, solve the problem well, don’t waste everyone’s time, what’s good for everyone to get wet.


This article has been “written” for two weeks, and I have already returned to my job after taking a vacation. Looking at these words two weeks ago, I clearly feel the downturn in my state. The current article is not as humorous as before, the logic is not as clear as before, and the point of view is not as clear as before. However, I still want to send it out. The text should not only record the happy things in life, but also record my powerlessness in the process of growing up.

In fact, I once attributed my slump to the influence of the other half, because two people together are a community of interests. Your choice must take her into account and make sacrifices for her. Whenever life is unsatisfactory, you will think, if not because of She, not for her sacrifice, would I be better? I once thought that being myself, without the constraints of others, would make me happier, more focused, and progress faster, but now it seems that I am probably wrong. I’m a year older, but the plan I used to have, didn’t make any growth.

I am 28 years old this year. Whenever my parents ask me about my plans for marriage, I will say that my career is a mess, I want money but I don’t have money, how can I find a partner, and why do I get married? Wait until I have resolved my future career plans, and then look for a partner. But my parents don’t think so. They think that I earn hundreds of thousands a year, and it’s good to have a leisurely job. What’s more, work and family can balance both? Why must one thing be solved before another?

Why must one thing be solved before another? This sentence actually woke me up a bit. My personal career plan finally came to a conclusion today, and I was not as relieved or overjoyed as I imagined (I should write an article on this matter), but was rather numb. I think what I should pay more attention to is: life is not a single thread, you have to deal with helplessness in career planning, maintenance of intimate relationships, investment in hobbies and other issues at the same time, you can’t deal with one problem in life forever One thing to deal with another thing, you need to switch your roles and status in different environments, you should not let one thing affect your status in all things. Is this supposed to be mature?

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