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negative thinking

Everyone has some negative stereotypes that often lead themselves into trouble and can’t extricate themselves:

  • Frustrated : What’s the point of that. It always fails anyway. Why even try. It’s so hard!
  • Self-excusing : “It’s okay to miss one.” “Let’s talk about it later. Just miss it once, it’s no big deal.” “You don’t have to work so hard every time.” “It’s about time.” “Just walk through the motions.”
  • Justifying Defense : “It’s not my fault”. “I did not do it on purpose”. “Why do they blame me”?
  • Procrastination to escape : “It’s too hard to do. I’m not sure if it can be done”. “Let me brush my phone first.”
  • Blame others : “Why do people do this to me”? “They always treat me badly”. “It’s all my fault that I can’t have a good life.”
  • Judgment Expectation : “People don’t like me”. “No one cares about my contribution”. “People must think I’m a loser or an idiot. What am I doing all this effort for”.
  • Self-deprecating : “I suck”. “I need to do better.” “I always screw up”. “I should be better than this now”.

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