Calla Lily

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Fidelia Bridges was an American artist of the late 19th century. She is known for her nuanced paintings that capture flowers, plants and birds in their natural environment. Although she started out as an oil painter, she later gained a reputation as an expert in watercolors. She was the only woman among the seven early artists of the American Watercolor Society. Some of her work has been published in books, magazines and greeting cards as illustrations.

Bridges is considered an expert in her field, focusing on the beauty and serenity of nature’s microscopic details. One of her favorite spots is Stratford, Connecticut, where she enjoys viewing wildflowers and other natural beauty from the plains and meadows.

Bridges was one of the brave women who continued to persevere in her artistic career despite the many challenges women faced in the 19th century. If you want to see more work by women artists, check out the Daily Art Store’s 50 Postcard Set . : )

Side note: Fidelia Bridges isn’t the only female artist who loves nature, meet 17th-century Dutch painter Rachel Ruysch , mother of 10 and full-time still life painter!

35.6 x 24.5 cm

Brooklyn Museum

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