CATL has built the largest 5G enterprise private network in China

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Pinwan, June 20, CATL announced today that CATL has built the country’s largest 5G enterprise private network, with a total coverage area of ​​over 5 million square meters, spanning six provinces including Fujian, Jiangsu and Sichuan, and seven major universities. base.

CATL has built a 5G-based industrial Internet architecture, relying on its technological advancement in high bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity to solve the business pain points of extreme manufacturing. Through the collision and fusion of 5G technology and extreme manufacturing, CATL has explored 22 high-value business scenarios. Currently, 9 5G integration applications have been implemented. CATL is accelerating towards the goal of a 5G factory.

Chen Ling, CIO of CATL, said that CATL’s 5G private network will gradually cover ten global bases. In the future, CATL will explore more 5G integration application scenarios, set a benchmark for green extreme manufacturing, and continue to move towards the goal of carbon neutrality. step forward.

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