Chinese database OceanBase selected in Forrester Translytical data platform report


Recently, Forrester, a global authoritative IT consulting agency, released the 2022 Translytical direction data platform vendor selection report – “The Translytical Data Platforms Landscape, Q3 2022” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), a native distributed database OceanBase independently developed in China. Successfully selected. The report provides pragmatic and forward-looking advice on the impact of database technology on business and customers, and is recognized as a valuable and authoritative report in the industry. In addition to OceanBase, database vendors such as Oracle, IBM, and Mircosoft are among them.

The Forrester report pointed out that the Translytical data platform meets the needs of the emerging market today. Through a unified real-time data platform, it supports transactional, operational, analytical and other types of workloads, using in-memory, multi-modal, built-in analytics, artificial intelligence and Machine learning capabilities to ensure data consistency, concurrency, transaction integrity, data self-service analysis, and analysis accuracy.

“Real Translytical requires high-performance OLTP first, and then supports real-time analysis on the basis of OLTP,” said Yang Chuanhui, CTO of OceanBase. OceanBase provides high-performance OLTP capabilities through native distributed technology, and provides a cost-effective solution for simultaneous transaction processing and real-time analysis based on “one system, one data”. Multiple copies of “one data” can be stored in various forms ( Row storage/column storage), used for different workloads, fundamentally maintain data consistency, and minimize data redundancy, helping enterprises to significantly reduce total costs.

For a long time, the domestic database industry has been insufficient in international competitiveness due to historical reasons. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic digital economy, market demand has forced the transformation of database application technology, and my country’s database industry has entered a period of rapid development. In particular, distributed databases have shown a new look of blooming flowers and a hundred schools of thought, leading the world.

As the only domestic native distributed database in the world that has set world records in both TPC-C and TPC-H tests, OceanBase has been adhering to the development route of native distribution since its establishment. The capabilities of transparent expansion, stability and security have been fully verified and recognized in many industries. At present, it has been applied to more than 1/4 of domestic leading financial institutions, and has transformed from serving finance to serving the national economy and people’s livelihood, helping more than 400 financial, energy, transportation, etc. Home industry customers to achieve core system upgrades. It is worth mentioning that OceanBase is also the only manufacturer in the world that has the ability to achieve full coverage of Forrester-defined distributed database segmentation functions (single cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud).

“We are very pleased to see OceanBase database being recognized by Forrester for its excellent database capabilities.” Yang Chuanhui, CTO of OceanBase, said, “In the future, we will provide more excellent database services to more customers from all walks of life around the world.”

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