Don’t be superstitious about the director, if you are seriously ill, the young doctor will lead you to find it…

Getting sick is something that everyone cannot avoid. When you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you need to choose a hospital, find a department and choose a doctor.


Public general hospitals, specialized hospitals, community hospitals or private hospitals, where is the best place to see this disease? There are various departments in the hospital, and there are many names, and I don’t know what number to register for a while. The general number, the expert number, the on-site number, and the appointment number, some need to guard the number one day to a week in advance; there are so many doctors in a department, what should I do? Hang the number of chief physician, deputy chief physician or attending physician?

Readers of Nutshell Patient have shared their usual tips and experiences of registering, let’s take a look together.


I am a medical student, and I usually choose a teaching hospital for medical treatment. When choosing a doctor, my suggestion is: on the basis of having a general understanding of your own condition, you should choose the disease you are good at in the doctor’s profile when registering .

Some personal tips:

1. If you can’t get the expert’s number online, you can try to contact the department by phone and ask if you can add the number on the same day. Some experts allow the number to be added, but it may be added later in the day and the test result will be released. It’s time for the experts to get off work.

2. If you don’t know much about your condition, it is recommended to go on an empty stomach in the morning, so as not to be unable to draw blood . If you have a general understanding of the examination you are going to do, it is recommended to check the precautions and prepare in advance. For example, don’t wear metal on your body when doing MRI. It is best for girls to wear a bra without rims and hooks. For example, don’t drive after dilated pupils. and many more.

3. People still have a high probability of getting common diseases in their life, so there is no need to superstitute the chief physician. It is recommended that you do not need to find a doctor with too high qualifications for the first time to see a doctor. If your illness really reaches the point where you need to see an old doctor, a young doctor will lead you to find it.

4. Early detection, early treatment, follow the doctor’s advice, and save money early!


I will choose a hospital based on the ranking of departments. For any type of disease, I will go to the hospital with the highest ranking in the field. I will try to choose a specialized hospital for special diseases . There are corresponding hospitals and departments.

If surgery or major treatment options are involved, I recommend seeing at least two specialist outpatient clinics in tertiary hospitals. After the two specialists confirm it, they will decide on their own. If there is only one specialized hospital, find a nearby well-known tertiary hospital with an expert number in the same department. For patients with underlying diseases, it is recommended to choose a general hospital as much as possible.


I usually go to the town hospital when I get sick (minor illness). Which doctor makes more outpatient visits will be linked to which one is convenient for follow-up visits. One time, I met a respiratory expert on duty in the night clinic of the internal medicine department of a tertiary hospital, and got the number at a low price of ten yuan.

My little experience is: As for the newly recruited doctors, because the patients are not familiar with them, few people usually call them, but it does not mean that they are not good. Some experts will appear in the ordinary number of other outpatient clinics, and the price will be different if you change the time.

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I choose the nearest emergency department for common cold and gastrointestinal discomfort. The bigger problems are referred to the outpatient department of the best local hospital in this department. For general outpatient visits, I will be assigned the number of the deputy chief physician, and those who may need surgery will be referred to the chief physician. Try not to choose weekends for outpatient treatment , because auxiliary departments such as testing, dispensing, blood transfusion, etc. may not be able to keep up.

Online consultation is a good supplement to offline clinics. Before the outpatient clinic, you don’t know which department to see and which examinations to do ; after the outpatient clinic, if you want to know if there are other possible diagnosis or treatment methods for this kind of disease, you can ask online. Online doctors have high and low medical skills, but usually they have more time and may explain more fully, and spend a little money to buy an understanding.


I will call the general account first, because it is easy to rush, ask the doctor to help make an appointment with the corresponding director while prescribing the examination, or ask the doctor which director is the best to see this disease .

I think the number of Peking Union Medical College Hospital is the most difficult to grab, not only to keep it on time, but also to have a fast internet speed. The year before last, I scrambled for three weeks in order to hang up the number of a director of Shennei before hanging up.

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I am a negative example. The online registration has been cancelled too many times, resulting in the failure to register after the number of missed appointments . Generally speaking, the outpatient number of the special disease of the same doctor is easier to hang .


I will choose the well-known top three hospitals , and I will also refer to the annual ranking list of Fudan University. Then do your homework to determine which subjects to pass. When choosing a doctor, go to the hospital’s official website or official account to see the doctor’s resume and expertise . Because I often get sick, and the number of sickness is a bit complicated, I usually choose the number of the chief or deputy chief physician .

The least crowded time of the day is when the hospital first goes to work in the morning. If your condition is troublesome, you need to be checked, or you don’t want to wait in the hospital, you can hang up the earliest number , but you need to get up early.

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1. If you identify an expert to see a doctor, I think you can also register for the general account first, and then register for the expert account after all the examinations. After all, the 150 yuan for our expert account is still quite painful.

2. You can choose to go to the doctor on Thursday or Friday afternoon . On the one hand, there are fewer people in the afternoon. On the other hand, if you ask for leave in the afternoon, you can go home after reading it (social animal tears).

3. If you want a certain specialist to perform surgery, and the hospital has multiple districts, you can go to the district with fewer people to issue an inpatient order , and the time for waiting for a bed can be shortened a lot.

4. There is no need to go to a well-known tertiary hospital for any problem, such as the “Jubu area”. It is also very good to go to a specialist hospital with a good reputation for surgery. Surgery, everyone who understands it), the top three hospitals do not have this condition.

5. In my personal experience, the female doctor is more gentle. I have been given a special account by a professor to read the film, analyze the condition, prescribe medicine, appease, and explain the follow-up attention. I am so moved.


Beijing’s calling system is different from that of its hometown Anhui. Anhui is to “check in” within a specified time period after registration , and patients within the time period are arranged in the order of attendance. In Beijing, no matter when you arrive, you will be arranged according to the number of the registration . For example, the next one is coming to you, and as a result, there are suddenly many people who are late for the time period before, and they will still “plug in” in front of you. When I went to the doctor for the first time, I was devastated. All the people who came late had finished and I was still waiting.

Personally, I feel that the same number is registered at the same time. The 114 registration number is ranked higher, and the number registered on the hospital’s own app is lower. On one occasion, the 114 official account showed that there were not many accounts left on the day, but the accounts that were hung up were still relatively high.


In terms of registration, young people use their mobile phones very well. It is recommended to go to the hospital’s official public account to operate online , which will be much more convenient.

As for the number grabbing, one is that some experts will sit in the branch hospital for consultation. If I can’t get the number of the main hospital, I will consider going farther to see a doctor in the branch hospital. The other is that I will pay attention to the doctor’s resume and age, for some reference. Generally speaking, doctors with high qualifications will be very patient, because they have a lot of experience, they will have their own set of basic treatment plans for most diseases , in short, they are very stable; while young doctors, especially those with obvious scientific research or foreign exchange experience , Young doctors, although not very experienced, will be relatively more enthusiastic (faster speech? Hahahaha), looking forward to helping patients eliminate symptoms as soon as possible, and sometimes provide some newer treatment plans .

Personally, I quite like the passion of young doctors. It mainly depends on my own needs. Both of the above are very good.

It turns out that everyone has so many little tricks for registration, have you learned it? If you have anything else you want to see or talk about, you can tell us in the comment section~

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