I heard that you don’t even know what the company’s cost of ownership is, but you still want to start a company?

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I heard that you don’t even know what the company’s cost of ownership is, but you still want to start a company? – Teacher Supporting the Wall: Thinking and Precipitation of an Architect

I heard that you don’t even know what the company’s cost of ownership is, but you still want to start a company?

Wang Fuqiang



Today, a classmate inquired about the registration of the company. Because to develop a small program, the platform needs the qualifications of the company entity. Teacher Fuqiang thinks this is a typical matter, so I will share my personal opinion. Pay some tuition…

We can divide the holding cost of a company into two or three gears:

The first tier is usually less than 10,000 fixed expenses per year . This does not include the cost of renting an office. It is just a traditional “leather bag company”. Among the fixed expenses of less than 10,000 yuan, the cost of accounting and tax declaration is iron. If it doesn’t move, it’s usually at least two or three thousand. If it’s too little, there must be hidden costs behind it. Otherwise, if people don’t make money, it will be difficult for the company to maintain operations;

In the first stage, if your business is not stable, you can’t figure it out, because the maintenance cost is very low, so you can try more and explore more…

The second level , the general cost is more than 200,000 yuan/year , this level can still be maintained with personal financial resources, but starting from this level, it is basically “opening the bow without turning back arrows”, and the cost and expenditure will only increase. drop.

After reaching the second level, if there is still no stable business income, it is often difficult for the business owner to fill in the capital by himself…

In the third stage , the general cost starts at one million . This kind of business is either built by itself in the second stage, or it has to rely on financing, but this kind of financing is only used for starting, not for expansion.

In the third gear, there are more fixed expenditures. The wages and social security of employees are the biggest headaches, and they are also the most headaches for business owners during the epidemic. Without continuous business revenue, financing alone is often difficult to maintain, so there is a multi-stage financing game.

It’s just a rough indicator, and everyone has an anchor point in their hearts for comparison.

If you start in the third gear, you can do whatever you want. After all, you can raise start-up funds through financing, or you can play the regular army. But if you are starting from a side project of one person, it is recommended that you first evaluate whether you can afford the first or second level of expenses (not including non-fixed expenses).

A lot of things, you only know how many pits you have done. If you just want to verify an idea and make a side project, it is recommended not to be impulsive. If it is easy to maintain the company’s operation, the magic capital does not need to issue such a policy today:


Moreover, the maintenance cost of self-employed should be lower than that of companies (not verified, this is a bit taken for granted).

Having said that, why are platforms now willing or deliberately allowing entities to access in the form of companies? Teacher Fuqiang thinks that it may be more affected by “compliance management”. Especially with the launch of the third and fourth phases of the Golden Tax, the risk of non-compliant operation of enterprises will become higher and higher. Therefore, for the platform side, the most basic invoice management and control will definitely be strengthened, but you say let individuals Invoicing you, although it is possible to do so, most people are too lazy to engage in “invoicing on behalf of others”. what is it now? It’s all company to company!

If large platforms and large groups are controlling risks, as an individual, should you control risks more? !

Just do things, you don’t have to register a company, be careful, brother~


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