Industrial artificial intelligence company “Gantu Technology” has received hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing

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Entrepreneurship State learned that on April 18, the alumni company of the first phase of the Rui animal growth plan and industrial artificial intelligence company Gantu Technology announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing, led by Guosheng Capital, and Qualcomm Ventures and Bohua Capital continued to invest. Note. This is the 7th round of financing completed by Gantu Technology, which has just been established for four years. The capital has helped the rapid development of Gantu.

Gantu Technology was established on April 17, 2018. It is an industrial artificial intelligence enterprise focusing on quality control in the high-end manufacturing field. Under the background of China’s urgent industrial upgrading and the urgent need to improve the real-time response capability of the manufacturing supply chain, Gantu Technology has Establish a nationwide R&D, technical service and sales network, and provide one-stop quality control AI solutions for high-end manufacturing customers with a product system based on self-developed underlying artificial intelligence framework and technology.

Since its establishment 4 years ago, in the two and a half years, the national epidemic prevention and control situation has been severe and complicated, and the epidemic has repeatedly delayed. However, Gantu Technology has always maintained its strategic focus without being affected by short-term emergencies, and has always adhered to the principle of “customer-oriented, united struggle.” The core values ​​of “Innovation and Transcendence” have won a tough battle, and continued to provide complete quality control solutions ranging from AI inspection, AI monitoring, to AI-assisted decision-making for leading customers in high-end circuit boards, new energy batteries, and semiconductor industries. The plan helps customers fight the epidemic, maintain production, improve quality and reduce costs, and overcome the epidemic with customers in the high-end manufacturing field, which is widely recognized by many leading customers in the industry.

Grasp the key links, stand firm and upgrade the outlet

Investing in Sentu Technology is undoubtedly the continued optimism of capital for leading companies in the direction of hard technology. Many investors of Gantu Technology said that technology has gradually expanded from affecting enterprise management to affecting personal consumption, retail industry, service industry, and even industrial production. The core competitiveness of leading companies has changed from hardware to traffic and data. It is extended to data + algorithm + industry know-how. In the information age, investing in a company that can roam in the deep-water area like Gantu Technology, empowering the global smart manufacturing field with AI technology and related products/solutions, is expected to occupy a new high ground in the technological revolution.

Benefiting from the increase in terminal orders such as intelligent driving, mobile devices, and 5G communication facilities, the demand for high-end circuit boards has increased significantly. As the mother of the electronics industry that connects all semiconductors and key components, the circuit board industry is at the center of the industry. It has an annual output value of 30 billion US dollars and is continuing to grow rapidly. Due to the high complexity of the process flow and a large number of quality inspection requirements, the sensor technology, which takes the high-end circuit board AI empowerment industry as the entry point, has continued to receive high attention from high-end manufacturing companies and capital in the pan-semiconductor field from around the world since its establishment. .

Deeply ploughing the pain points of the industry, details create opportunities

At present, the capital not only recognizes the deep understanding of the vertical industry in which it is located, but also is optimistic about its ability and value in core technology innovation, solution optimization, vertical industry deep cultivation and surrounding industry expansion.

Gu Ru, managing partner of Guosheng Capital, said that with AI robots and central systems as the core, Gantu Technology has achieved the coverage of the whole process of high-end circuit boards. Through the opening and smooth implementation of the FPC process production line operation intelligent monitoring, FPC SMT whole process process Multiple solutions such as equipment monitoring and defect and yield management systems are trusted by the world’s leading customers in various high-end circuit board industry segments, which proves that its founder team has strong product-oriented thinking and excellent engineering landing capabilities. I am optimistic about the future development space of the sensor technology team.

Mao Song, senior director of Qualcomm Ventures Venture Capital, said that Gantu Technology is committed to applying machine vision to the field of high-end manufacturing, focusing on the testing and production links of the high-end circuit board industry, and its industrial artificial intelligence products are widely favored by leading customers in the industry. . In addition, the Gantu Technology team has profound technical accumulation and engineering experience in many aspects such as small sample learning algorithms and optical equipment integration. Qualcomm Ventures has witnessed the development of Gantu Technology from product development to customer landing. We look forward to the continuous development of Gantu through continuous technology innovation, empower more industry customers, and actively promote the intelligent transformation of the industry.

Wei Xiaoan, a partner of Bohua Capital, said that with the unique features of improving yield, improving process technology, and improving production processes, and relying on the significant product advantages of strong platform versatility, good data security, and high iterative ability, SenseTu Technology has It obviously has core values ​​such as assisting managers to optimize decision-making and improving the intelligence level of quality control. It has been well received by customers in many landing cases, which proves that this type of product has high adaptability and strong technical barriers.

Focus on upgrading links, innovation achieves the future

Talking about the development plan after financing, Zhu Lei, CEO of Gantu Technology, said that with the field of high-end circuit boards as the entry point, the AI ​​+ manufacturing product system of Gantu Technology has extended the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to the fields of pan-semiconductor and new energy. , with a more complete product system planning, expanding the coverage of testing links, and gradually empowering the whole process of people, machines, materials, methods, environments, and testing. At present, it has been recognized by leading companies in the industry and leading companies in subdivisions. Gantu Technology looks forward to empowering high-end manufacturing with the whole process in the future after the epidemic, and joining hands with more partners to step into the future of industrial smart manufacturing.

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