Kingsoft Office’s “Way of Scale”: Over 150 billion documents have been transferred to the cloud, and office software has entered the cloud-native era


On August 26, Kingsoft Office held the 2022 Technology Open Day event in Zhuhai with the theme of “The Way of Scale”.

At the beginning of the event, Kingsoft Office first introduced three important figures:

The first number, 150 billion.

According to the 2022 semi-annual report released by Kingsoft Office, in the past year, users of Kingsoft Office on the public cloud have uploaded more than 150 billion documents. What is the concept? If each document is calculated according to the size of an A4 paper, 150 billion documents together can circle the earth more than 9400 times.

The second number, 600 million. As the official collaborative office software provider of the Beijing Winter Olympics, WPS successfully supported the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics are also the most-watched Olympic Games to date, with more than 600 million viewers watching the opening ceremony alone.

The third number, 50 million. This is the current accumulated code number of WPS, which has exceeded 50 million lines, and is one of the largest software in the field of single general-purpose software.

At the same time, Yao Dong, Vice President of Kingsoft Office, Pi Xialin, Executive Chairman of Kingsoft Office Technology Committee, Huang Chuantong, Senior R&D Director of Kingsoft Office, and Chen Liang, Kingsoft Office Private Cloud Expert, also delivered keynote speeches.

With the cloud, collaborative office is growing exponentially at an exponential scale. With the cloud, there is the possibility of collaboration, and with collaboration, users can create more value.

As office software enters the cloud-native era, software architecture design and management methods are quietly changing.

Entering the cloud-native era of documents

Cloud-native technology is an approach to building and running applications that takes advantage of the cloud computing delivery model. When enterprises use cloud-native architecture to develop and operate applications, office applications represented by online documents, online forms, and online forms are naturally designed to run optimally on the cloud.

At the meeting, Huang Chuantong, senior R&D director of Kingsoft Office and head of cloud platform, said that we have entered the “document cloud-native era”, and shared topics such as how the architecture design of software development adapts to the cloud-native environment.


Note: Huang Chuantong, Senior R&D Director of Kingsoft Office and Head of Cloud Platform

According to public information, Kingsoft Office’s cloud-native document services support the ultra-large-scale digital office business, creating core business operations carrying 570 million active user devices, over 150 billion cloud documents, 270PB cloud document storage, and millions of QPS. The ultra-large-scale cloud-native practice (requests per second) is also one of the best cloud-native practice benchmarks for digital transformation in the cloud office field.

In the office scenario, cloud native can achieve “documents are born in the cloud, stored in the cloud, edited in the cloud, and flown in the cloud”, and office cloud native applications also have the ability to “get at your fingertips, use them, share at any time, and facilitate collaboration”, etc. Outstanding advantages.

From 2009 to 2022, in order to support the business form development of cloud office services, the architecture evolution of WPS cloud services has also gone through four development eras:

From monolithic applications to distributed architectures, to DevOps + containerization, microservices, and officially entering the four eras of cloud native to provide hybrid cloud scalability.

During the whole process, Kingsoft Office put forward extremely high requirements on the “speed” and “agility” of service R&D: for example, it must support the ability to quickly update large-scale cloud services, and the services must have high robustness and fault self-healing ability. and many more.


When documents can be used at any time, the cloud-native security issues behind them have also attracted attention for a long time.

In this regard, Huang Chuantong said that Kingsoft Office has also invested heavily in the construction of cloud-native security infrastructure in recent years, and started to build “three centers in two places” (production center, disaster recovery center in the same city, and disaster recovery center in different places). All data will be stored in different places. Regional backup, which can achieve second-level switching capability in extreme disaster situations. In the past year, the “four 9” level of service high availability has been achieved – more than 99.99% of the time the service is available throughout the year.

Best Practices for Cloud-Native Application Delivery: Beijing Winter Olympics

Cloud native is a complete system that includes a complete technology stack from development, deployment to operation and maintenance. In addition to development, O&M technologies on the cloud are also developing rapidly, especially for privatized deployments.

In 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be successfully held, which is also the Winter Olympics with the largest number of viewers and the highest degree of digitalization so far.

As an official collaborative office software provider, Kingsoft Office provides a private cloud deployment solution for the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The solution adopts a cloud-native technology stack, supports cloud storage of documents, and multi-person online collaboration of documents.

Chen Liang, a private cloud expert of Kingsoft Office, shared the two major challenges faced by Kingsoft Office during the Winter Olympics in the keynote speech “Technical Support Behind the Ice and Snow Event – Cloud Native Application Delivery and Operation and Maintenance in Private Cloud Scenarios”: First, Cross-regional office collaboration, including office collaboration between venues, teams, and headquarters staff, as well as collaboration with the International Olympic Organizing Committee, requires high technical thresholds, complex deployment environments, difficult operation and maintenance, and difficulty in ensuring availability; second, the data of the Winter Olympics Safety requirements are at the top international level.


Note: Chen Liang, a private cloud expert of Kingsoft Office

To this end, Kingsoft Office originally designed a set of “private cloud base” (kubewps) in response to two major problems, and formed a standard “1 hour” efficient deployment service process:

First, implement environment containerization, shield environment differences, and be compatible with multiple operating systems to solve deployment dependencies;

Second, realize the configuration template, pre-define the best role allocation according to the number of nodes in advance, and reduce the configuration in the later stage of the competition;

Third, the management platform has provided a set of visual operation and maintenance system for the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, which clearly shows the monitoring and operation and maintenance results.

After more than 800 days, Kingsoft Office assisted the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Technology Department to complete the independent R&D and construction of the collaborative office system and the other three business systems, handled more than 800 problem work orders, provided technical support for more than 4,000 hours, and reached 100% of the problems. The resolution rate was successfully completed with the achievement of “zero accident”.

technology business

“Technology” is an important strategy of Kingsoft Office, and insisting on programmer culture is the precious gene of Kingsoft Office.

On the technology open day, Yao Dong, Vice President of Kingsoft Office, shared the experience and insights of WPS in the practice of super-large-scale software management for more than 30 years in his keynote speech on “Super-Large-scale Software Project Management”. A good super-large-scale software project requires not only technical ability, product ability, but also management ability, and management is used to promote technological innovation, efficiency improvement and quality improvement.”


Note: Yao Dong, Vice President of Kingsoft Office

At the event, Kingsoft Office also invited a special guest, Zhang Lixin, the head of WPS 97 R&D, to attend.

Zhang Lixin joined WPS in 1992 and has participated in the development of Pangu components, WPS 97, WPS 2000, WPS Office and other software. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Zhang Lixin’s joining Kingsoft. Zhang Lixin said: “The wisdom of generations of Jinshan people has accumulated the technical depth of WPS, which has created the scale of WPS products. With thickness and scale, Kingsoft Office will surely make great progress.”

In order to meet the continuous demands of the industry, the production and research team of Kingsoft Office continued to grasp the changes in technological trends and insisted on exploring the form of a new generation of office products.

According to the data in the 2021 annual report, in 2021, Kingsoft Office will invest 1.082 billion yuan in production and research expenses, and make long-term reserves around the direction of “cloud and digitalization” in research and development, and the investment will continue to increase. The performance report for the first half of 2022 shows that Kingsoft Office invested about 644 million yuan in R&D in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of about 47%, and the R&D expense rate was about 36%; currently, Kingsoft Office has a total of 2,816 R&D personnel, and R&D personnel account for the proportion of the company’s total personnel. nearly seventy percent.

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