Nucleic acid amplification testing

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Nucleic acid amplification testing

The first relatively large-scale nucleic acid test here was in August 2021. The reason why I remember it is that it was the first large-scale test, and the other reason was that it was during the Tokyo Olympics. At that time, although a national nucleic acid test also brought some troubles to the work and life of many people, it was more or less a novelty in the dull and boring life.

Starting after the Spring Festival in 2022, the frequency of nucleic acid testing for the entire population has risen sharply. In “mandarin”, this may be called “normalization”. So often that I am too lazy to say the four words “nucleic acid detection” in full, and the word “nucleic acid” is enough to replace its meaning. When the uncle and aunt met on the road, many times they no longer used “Have you eaten?” as a greeting, but changed to “Did you finish the nucleic acid?”.

In order to facilitate identification, a sticker will be issued to you after the nucleic acid test. Without this sticker, you cannot leave the community. The stickers issued in the early days were printed with local landmarks, with scenery and buildings on them. Later, there were not so many landmarks to print. Now the content on the sticker is back to monotonous, with the date of the day printed.

At the beginning of 2020, I had a little fear of unknown viruses. Now, I feel… numb.

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