On the first day back to work, I was laid off

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Author | Su Qi Jin Yufan Editor | Su Qi

Source: Kai Pineapple Finance

At the beginning of June, the epidemic was stable, and some cities resumed work and production one after another. However, for some migrant workers, it was hard to wait to return to work, and there was also news of layoffs.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been frequent bad news in the Internet industry. From time to time, news of “optimization”, “layoffs” and “dismissal of interns” have been reported in large, medium and small Internet factories. Many workers said that they have survived the beginning of the year, but they have not survived the wave in the middle of the year, which can be called a “calamity” in the workplace. .

In fact, under the repeated epidemics, when companies are facing life and death, it is understandable to adopt a strategy of increasing efficiency and reducing wages. What makes workers unacceptable is that some companies temporarily notify layoffs and do not give buffer time.

Kai Pineapple Finance found four workers who were laid off after resuming work. Some of them did not expect to be laid off at all, while others were prepared for “the big knife of layoffs fell on themselves”. They also noticed that under the appearance of sudden salary cuts and layoffs, the company has long exposed the dangerous side of improper management, chaotic structure, and failed transformation.

After being laid off, another cruel reality is that under the epidemic, they encountered the most difficult “job hunting season”. Some of them decided to go back to their original industries, some decided to escape the Internet, and some decided to “slow down” and take a closer look, but perhaps only those who are in it can understand the warmth and coldness.

The CEO invited three times to join,

On the first day of resumption of work, I was notified that “the trial period has not expired”

A Hua | Beijing 33-year-old marketing company

I have been engaged in brand planning and online marketing before, working in 4A or large public relations companies. Because of the birth of a child and the adjustment of the former company’s business, I came out to look for new opportunities.

The CEO of this marketing company saw my resume on the Internet, asked me for an interview, and gave me an offer for the first time. But joining this company is a big challenge for me. I have never been in contact with the vertical industries it serves. At the same time, the CEO said that the company mainly serves offline enterprises. Affected by the epidemic, many activities cannot be implemented, so he hopes Find some fresh blood and help him develop an online business.

This job is not easy. I didn’t agree the first time, and the CEO talked to me twice. I think his attitude is very sincere, and he is ready to join the job. At the same time, because it was a cross-industry, I joined with the attitude of learning and accumulating experience.

We have been working from home throughout May and have been very busy. On the first day of resumption of work at the end of the month, I had a meeting with the client in the morning. The leader directly asked me to organize the resources at hand to support the project. When he was about to get off work, he approached me on WeChat and said he wanted to talk about the matter of becoming a regular. I didn’t care too much, because I thought I would turn into a regular, but I didn’t expect that the news that the probation period had not expired was waiting for me.

The reason he gave was very simple – he felt that my conversion rate was not high. I asked him, “How does the company assess the conversion rate of positions?” We are the support department of Zhongtai. During the interview, we did not say that we need to memorize KPI performance, and the labor contract did not mention the specific assessment indicators for regularization. Later, he said that the company does not need this position for the time being and will give me half a month’s compensation.

Hearing this news, not only me, but also my colleagues in the group felt very sudden. Because we are a newly established department, I am the only one in this position, not only to help the company build a database from 0 to 1, but also to support the company’s various business departments. No matter in terms of the dedication of the land reclamation or the feedback from the usual implementation, I never thought that I would pass the probationary period. After working for more than ten years, this is the first time that I have not been converted into a regular, and I cannot accept it at all.

At that time, since I mustered up the courage to cross the line, I definitely wanted to be in this industry for a long time, and I couldn’t make fun of my career, but the company gave me the feeling that I was being tricked.

Although I was laid off, the cascading effects of the matter did not end. My resignation was abrupt, and I still had a lot of ongoing projects in my hands, but no one in the company could connect. And my immediate leader has never done my position before, he can’t take it, and he doesn’t know who to connect to. As a result, even though I was not in the company, I was still helping the company with the project. The client expressed surprise, and the internal dissatisfaction with our department was also very high, which was a bit of a vicious circle.

My “graduation” actually exposed a lot of organizational management problems in the company. From what I understand, the company has gone through massive layoffs. After this year, 10% of the basic staff were laid off. In recent months, the Shanghai office has also been laying off employees in disguised form through salary cuts.

And the most laid-off is the newly established department related to online transformation. I think this may be because the company cannot provide enough funds to support the transformation, and it also means that the company’s transformation has failed.

This incident has taught me a lot of experience and lessons. If the company you are going to join suddenly wants to do a new business, I advise everyone to consider it carefully, check the company’s size, formality, and the boss’s determination and attitude towards transformation in advance. Consider the cost of switching careers. Just because the boss is determined to start a new business now does not mean that he still has such determination after half a year. Many times the boss is eager for employees to join at first, and in the end, only the unexplainable resume on the resume has not passed the probation period. experience.

The number of the company has been cut from more than 5,000 to more than 3,000.

This time it’s finally my turn

Xiao Chen | Beijing 27-year-old Internet Vocational Education Company

On the first day back to work, bad news came.

At the end of May, the supervisor found me and another colleague and held an online meeting. “All the copywriting and editorial positions in the group are no longer needed.” The day’s notice, the resignation on the same day, and half a month’s compensation.

I was temporarily notified of “layoffs” in this way. I asked HR for the first time, “Is there any other plan?” The reply I got was, “There is no better plan in the current situation of the company.”

I don’t fight anymore. Not only because I haven’t worked in this company for a long time, even if I fight for it, I won’t be able to win too much, but will waste a lot of time, but also because I am fed up with the “style” of this company during the time I joined the company. Now that I have been laid off, I just want to go through the process that day, get compensation, and leave immediately.

Since joining this company, I have never received my salary on time. In the past year, the company has carried out several rounds of layoffs. The number of employees nationwide has increased from more than 5,000 to about 3,500. Many employees have gone to arbitration because they are not satisfied with the compensation plan. But as far as I know, even if they reach the stage of arbitration, few people can get “N+1” compensation.

This is an Internet vocational education company. Not only was it not affected by the “double reduction” policy, but it also received a new round of financing. The reason why I have been laying off staff and owed wages, I have learned from many sources, it may be because one of the company’s more ace courses has “thundered”, the original cashback is no longer returned, there are many complaints and disputes, and I am caught in a lawsuit problem and assets are frozen.

The butterfly effect is staged, the company management is gradually chaotic, and the business direction is always changing, at least our team is like this.

The small team I am in belongs to the middle and Taiwan department, but the business line to which it belongs has been changing. Our business has been from the original subject short film to the current information flow advertisement after it was merged into the marketing department. Since joining the company, I’ve been adjusting to a “small one a week, a big one a month” restructuring.

So, I was mentally prepared for layoffs to fall on me one day. But for the next job search, I’m not very active, because I really don’t know where to go.

Anyway, I won’t think about the education industry anymore, and in other industries I’ve been in contact with, many Internet companies are laying off employees, and even if I’m in an industry I’ve never been in contact with, I don’t dare to rush into it.

Fortunately, there is no rent pressure, and my parents did not urge me to rush to find a job. They all hope that I can take a good look and find a longer-term job. I also think so. In the current employment environment, high salaries are almost impossible. It is better to find a stable industry and position, which is more practical.

“Unaccustomed” with the new team,

“Dismissal” is expected

Xiaoyu | Beijing 26-year-old Internet Factory

In June, on the first day when all the staff of our company resumed work, without warning, the leader informed me that I was on the layoff list this time because the content of the department was adjusted and my position was “optimized”.

The company has been “optimizing” employees for the past six months, so I’m mentally prepared. After talking with the leader, my first reaction was that what should have come has finally come.

Before chatting with HR, I asked other colleagues about some rights and interests that the company can give. It is difficult to find a job now. I tried to buy more time to prepare for the interview, but I failed.

However, I am not too sad about being laid off. Although my department is the core department of the company, and I have become a senior manager all the way, my work is not going well.

At that time, I was dug into this company, and the leader who interviewed me said that he wanted to “do something together”, but not long after I joined the company, he left because of the office struggle, leaving me to fight alone. Later, I always felt “unacceptable” from time to time, and in my daily contact, I could also feel that it did not “fit in” with the current leadership’s concept and style.

In particular, I can’t adapt to the team atmosphere. I worked in the company’s team before, and everyone worked together to push the project together, but the team style of this company is to block each other in order to get the limelight and invite credit, and even attack with words in serious cases. My personality is not very good for them, so I can only calm down, and I will try my best to cooperate with what the team asks me to do.

My feeling is that the decision to leave or stay on the team depends on the leader’s personal will, and I was expected to be laid off, but when this moment really came, I still felt very confused and anxious. Finding a job this year is also much harder than I imagined. There are too many unknowns ahead, and it is difficult for me to adjust quickly.

However, I will not doubt myself because of this layoff. My own work status, including the feedback from my colleagues in other groups around me, make me believe that it is not my work ability that caused the current result.

In the past two days, I started to submit resumes, but I don’t want to be in the Internet industry anymore, I hope I can give myself a new start.

Sudden layoffs, job hunting is too difficult,

Decide to take exams and sideline work together

Xu Ge | Shenzhen 25-year-old Internet Finance Company

In a company with thousands of people, we belong to a small team outside the main business. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, and four or five colleagues and I are in the Shenzhen branch.

Our daily work is not closely related to the Shanghai headquarters. Basically, there is a need within the group, and we will contact each other through weekly meetings and emails. At the beginning of March, the company adjusted its organizational structure, and our team temporarily changed leaders. At that time, I had a bad feeling in my heart.

Unexpectedly, just after the adjustment, at the end of March, the epidemic situation in Shenzhen became serious, and I was isolated and worked from home in an urban village for nearly half a month. At that time, my work happened to encounter a bottleneck, and I wanted to jump out of that circle to seek more breakthroughs, but there were so many chores in my daily work that I couldn’t adapt. During that time, I also saw a lot of people complaining about “difficulty finding a job” on social platforms, which made me a little flustered.

Not long after, the Shanghai epidemic broke out, and the company’s main team was quarantined at home for a long time. During this period, our Shenzhen department just finished working from home and returned to the office. During that time, there were rumors that the company was tightening its belt and preparing to lay off employees.

Sure enough, on April 20, the always busy leader took the initiative to ask me “Do you have time?” and wanted to communicate with me on the phone. After the call was connected, the leaders had prepared a lot in the early stage, and suddenly the conversation turned to a business I was doing at the time, saying that the company would not do this business.

As for this, the speculation in my heart seems to have been confirmed. In fact, since our business was launched in March last year, it has been tepid for a long time. The reason for recruiting me is to do a good job in this business. After the personnel were in place, the business quickly improved, and it also brought good output. Now, if the company wants to abolish this innovative business, we can only respect the company’s decision.

However, I had only been employed for 8 months, and I still asked, “Is there any other business that I can join?” The leader did not respond positively, but asked respectfully, “If there is a position in Shanghai, would you consider coming? “At that time, the epidemic situation in Shanghai was serious, so I naturally didn’t consider it. Then he asked me to chat with HR.

In the face of HR, I was inexperienced, and was naturally led by the nose. The final plan was to notify “N” in advance 30 days in advance. I checked the Internet later, and the operation of the company was fine.

I immediately started looking for a job, and I really responded to the voice on social platforms, “It’s really hard.” Giving less money also wants me to “big and small weeks”, or let me do work that is more basic than before.

In the end, I settled on a job that I was not very satisfied with, and I was preparing for the exam while working. Because I realized that part-time work is not only a meal, but it will always be replaced sooner or later, and I must strive to make breakthroughs in my ability.

In addition to the main business, I had a stable side business for a few months before, and the income was OK, but unfortunately I didn’t stick to it. Next, I will work harder to expand my abilities and vision, and develop a side business that I like and can earn money.

*The title picture and the accompanying pictures in the text are from Visual China. At the request of the interviewee, A Hua, Xiaoyu, Xiao Chen, and Xu Ge are pseudonyms in the text.

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