Picking up “Renyin Tiger Year” Moutai Physical Store Investigation

Yesterday, the patriarch won a bottle of Renyin Tiger Year 53° Flying Moutai on the official Moutai APP, with a price of 2499 yuan. This is the result of the ancestor’s continuous subscription for one month. Looking at the subscription data, the number of online subscriptions on 6.14 was about 3 million. The founder couldn’t help but sigh that the strength of Maotai is reflected. If tulips are fried bubbles, then Feitian Moutai is definitely not fried, it is a real demand, and it is the absolute recognition of Maotai by the Chinese. If you can’t understand this or can’t understand and believe, then you will miss the hundredfold increase of Maotai. This is what the Patriarch has always emphasized, one thing, everyone has their own opinions, but your opinions ultimately determine your results.


After the purchase is successful, the APP pays 2,499 yuan online, and reminds you to pick up the goods at the designated physical store in the near future. After that, the transaction order will be closed and the amount will be returned to the original way. After seeing this information, the patriarch felt that Maotai was really domineering, and he was not used to you after paying the money, so hurry up to pick up the goods, or sell it to the next person. This is a manifestation of his own moat.

The next day, Patriarch came to the Maotai store. There were only two clerks in the whole store, and it was empty. When the clerk saw me, he asked me if you came to pick up the wine. I thought to myself, although this Moutai is a specialty store, it is not for ordinary people at all, as long as you understand it. Then the clerk looked at my ID card, I showed the delivery code, and Maotai took it out in the year of the tiger. The clerk was about to help me load the goods. I looked at it, and the clerk probably saw my doubts and asked me to face the side. After looking at the inspection procedure, I smiled and said, just install it. If the specialty store sells fake wine, then I have nothing to say. Patriarch was puzzled at that time. The clerk took out the empty bottle of Moutai, and then took out a packaging box and pocket to start packaging. This was indeed beyond my expectations. In Patriarch’s mind, in order to prevent fakes, it should be tightly packed. And there are inspection codes like Fenjiu, but Maotai is not like this sometimes.


The most important thing is here, I consulted the clerk, and I said what the real circulation price of this wine is. The clerk told me that someone paid 3,000 yuan in cash. Of course, I didn’t resell it, otherwise according to the Maotai rules, it would be a permanent violation. blacked out. However, it can be seen that the actual circulation price of Maotai’s core products still has a high premium. 3,000 yuan is paid for cash, which shows that I am very confident, and there is no bargaining. It shows that in the actual circulation transaction, more than 3,000 yuan should be good for shipment. I went back and checked the recent market price of Maotai in the Year of the Tiger. The current price is 3,800 yuan, it should be It is a relatively reasonable market circulation price now. You must know that before this Tiger Year Moutai wine was sold for about 8,000 yuan before it was listed.

The biggest impression to me about this purchase is that the success rate of buying on the official Moutai APP is higher than other e-commerce platforms, and secondly, the strength of Moutai is indeed unmatched in the liquor industry, and it can fully represent the trend of China’s national liquor. Overseas, the price premium is very strong, and core products are almost impossible to buy at the official price, which is why Moutai’s valuation is higher than other first-tier liquors. The ancestor said before that the valuation of Maotai should be given at the market price, not the official ex-factory price; the last is the original intention of the Maotai official, which is to let more people drink cheap Feitian wine. But at present, it is really difficult, and there is no way to do it. One is that Maotai can continue to raise prices and control production capacity reasonably. Second, if you can buy Feitian Maotai at will, it may shake the value of Maotai. It is hoped that in the future, more direct-sale stores will be opened to increase corporate profits, and more channels for purchasing Moutai will be introduced to make it easier for ordinary people to buy.

The five-phase rating of Kweichow Moutai is an orphan, and the market value of one billion yuan is by no means bragging!

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