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At home, few books on politics can be published. But there is a kind of political comparison exception, such as discussing foreign politics, this is OK. Like me, most of them are outsiders in politics. They can hardly observe a phenomenon, but also understand the motive and essence behind the phenomenon. The usual rhetoric is more of a gossip discussion/ gossip.

The interesting things about this book are:

1. There is no standard answer in political science, and the political governance of each country has its own motivation and purpose;

2. The diversification of national forms is far more abundant than the several situations presented by the news on domestic TV stations;

3. The book titled Possibilities of Politics seems to be more appropriate.

4. The final result of politics has reference value, but when most countries evolve for the same thing in different periods, the results are different.

5. Whether it is democracy or hegemony, the system is only a process and mechanism, and the key part lies in the input and output. #All capitalist countries Why is the difference so big?

6. Slow results appear. The implementation of a certain measure, the results are often not short-term, it may take decades to show its advantages and disadvantages.

7. Interference from external factors. Most countries that continue to develop positively will be less interfered/dependent by other countries. Once external interference/dependence becomes more serious, sustainable development may be terminated at any time.

8. It is more difficult to maintain a government in the long run than to overthrow a government in the short term. The transformation may only take a moment, but long-term maintenance and positive sustainable development requires the three-way blessing of strategy, luck and self-effort.

9. Ideology is important, as are organizational education and guidance. For example, an enterprise employs a large number of laborers, which can be interpreted as: providing more employment opportunities for the people, or it can be interpreted as: capitalists exploit the surplus value of the working people.



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