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Battle AI

Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay?

John Donne

  1. GPT2 Quickly

  2. GPT2 simple

  3. aitextgen

Emacs 28.1

One problem is. The terminal’s color display is messed up. After searching, I found that 256 colors will be better supported in 29.1.

Install Flash at 2022

Windows 7

First find the installation package:

Then work around the regional restrictions:

Windows 10

I found that Windows 10 LTSC 2019 cannot install this version because KB4577586 is pushed, which will delete Flash.

One solution that comes to my mind is to reinstall the Flash patch that was pushed earlier. However, the installation package is no longer available. Even if there is an installation package, it cannot be installed. There is a way on the Internet to use

 expand -f:* windows10.0-kb4487038-x64_1f1aed068ed38987aa2c100e7e01292404be1703.msu .

After unzipping the .msu , I used the following command to force the installation, but I didn’t succeed.

 DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /

260,000 PV reached

As of 2022-04-15.

160,000 UV reached

As of 2022-04-21.

green word flattery

Luoshui Xuangui first offered auspiciousness, yin counted nine, yang counted nine, nine nine eighty one counted, and the number was connected to the Dao, and the Dao was in harmony with the Yuanshi Tianzun, and it was sincere;
Qishan Danfeng is auspicious, with six male voices, six female voices, six, six, and thirty-six voices. The voice is heard in the sky, and the emperor of Jiajing was born, and his longevity is boundless.

Ming Yuan Wei

But whether it was written by Yuan Wei is doubtful. You Zhihu God gave the source , which was written in the book of the Qing Dynasty. And the style is a couplet, not a green word.

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