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Lin Huiyin, formerly known as Lin Huiyin, later changed his name to “Huiyin” because he was often mistaken for Lin Weiyin, another male writer at that time. – “The True Story of Lin Huiyin”

The allusions of “Huiyin” come from “Book of Songs, Taiga, Siqi”:

Si Qi Da Ren, the mother of King Wen, Si Mei Zhou Jiang, the wife of the Beijing family. Big Si’s heir Huiyin, then Baisi male .

It means that Da Si, the wife of King Wen of Zhou, inherited the virtues of King Wen’s mother Tairen and King Wen’s grandmother Taijiang, so she would have many, many sons.

——So , the name Lin Huiyin is actually the literati version of “Zhaodi”? ?

Continuing the research, it turns out that Lin Huiyin is the eldest daughter. Lin Huiyin’s mother, He Xueyuan, was already a second wife, so she married into the house because the eldest room could not bear children. Lin Huiyin’s father, Lin Changmin, was educated in the West, and he had nothing to say with the traditional woman He Xueyuan. He Xueyuan later gave birth to a son and a daughter, both of them died soon, so He Xueyuan was treated coldly again. Later, Lin Changmin married Cheng Guilin, a third wife, and gave birth to a daughter and four sons, so he was favored. And He Xueyuan, who was treated coldly, also caused a great psychological shadow to Lin Huiyin when she was young.

So, the second surviving child of the Lin family, also a girl, was named ” Lin Yanyu “. In the ancient poem “Yanzhao has many beauties, the beauties look like jade”, and “Yanyu” refers to beautiful women. But the most famous source of this word is Du Fu’s “Sitting Alone, Even in the Rain”:

Warm old beard Yanyu, hungry and remember Chu Ping.

The allusion of “Chu Ping” comes from Liu Xiang’s “Said Yuan·Distinguishing Objects”:

When King Zhao of Chu crossed the river, there was something as big as a bucket, and it touched Wang’s boat and stopped in the boat; King Zhao was so surprised by it that he asked Confucius to hire him. Confucius said, “This is called Pingshi.” He ordered it to be cut open and eaten: “Only the tyrant can obtain it, and this is auspicious.”

Later generations used “Chu Jiangping” to describe something auspicious and rare. ——So, the name of the second daughter of the Lin family, “Lin Yanyu”, probably still means “daughter is very good, but I still want a son “……

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