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Since June, I have been going to Jiayuguan to attend a small wedding, and I didn’t come back until the 9th. Because I was busy over there, I had very little contact with him, and only one or two words a day. I didn’t take it to heart. Because this situation has been going on for a year, after all, the relationship between three or four years will definitely fade. But that night he told me that he had added someone else’s WeChat, and I stubbornly said that I had added someone else’s WeChat. I didn’t take this sentence seriously, because he used to say this all the time. But when we met yesterday, he kept giving me vaccinations, saying that if a girl would add him or something, or he would add someone else. Under my repeated questioning, he admitted that the person introduced by others, he added WeChat, and was a teacher within the system. Just listening to the work is excellent, and chatting for a while, but the chat history is deleted.

We were together in January 2019. At that time, he was still a student and had no money. I still had a little salary. I paid almost all the expenses. It was only from 21 years ago that he was admitted to the establishment and was considered stable. Income, and I have been on the way to the exam, I also quit this year for various reasons, and now I am at home. During this period of time, I spent nearly 4,000 yuan for him, and the injection in the eye was only 3,000 yuan. This was forcibly given to me, and I did not ask for it. A small amount of one or two hundred dollars is fine, but I was really embarrassed to accept it for a few thousand dollars. After I was persuaded to accept it, I accepted it. I just found out that after I cut off my source of income, I have been forced to put money on it. I bought a house next to my family, and it was very difficult. I was too embarrassed to ask my parents for money, but I still gave 2,000 injections.

When we met yesterday, he also told me that their leaders told me to break up with me. He said that our life would be very difficult in the future, and that we should find someone with a stable job. Only then did I understand his purpose of adding others. The relationship of three years and nearly four years is really unreasonable. It is worth mentioning that there is no emotion in real life. I can’t find my job in this small county.

There are two girls in the health center in their village and three boys with them. There is a group called Happy Big Family. There are a lot of jokes in it. This and that are a couple, and this and this are together. I don’t know. What they say in the group is true or false, I have never worried that he will be attracted to beautiful girls, that is, in this casual life, he will meet ordinary people. And the girls in the group chat are too big. I can’t accept it anyway. He explained to me that it was just a joke and meant nothing. I have no right to care what other girls say, but I have the right to question my boyfriend. Why do they build a group, why do they eat together, drink together, climb mountains together, and discuss going on a trip together. Is this something that a normal girlfriend can accept?

If I see the news or say that I add someone else and I am very dull, yes, nothing, is this a normal person? Nothing happened, what am I mad at, right? I admit that our family members disagreed with the two of us at first, because he had nothing, and now he has a stable job, and his family also agreed. The man’s family also didn’t agree at first, because my eyes were highly myopic. But we persisted, the parents of both sides met, and after that, we were about to get engaged.

I feel like it doesn’t matter if I say it like this, am I making a fuss? I don’t know if I was right or wrong in reacting so violently. I know that if a person’s heart is not in you, you can’t keep it. Although he explained it to me, but I still can’t get over it, please give me some advice!

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