Tabby Cat – 1 moving cat on a new tab [Chrome Store Featured]

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Tabby Cat is an extension featured in the Chrome Store, and it’s boring enough to show you a cat every time you open a new tab, um, a different cat. @Appinn

Tabby Cat - 在新标签页上显示 1 只会动的猫[Chrome 商店精选]

Recommended from minority Weibo . Featured in the Chrome Store means “Featured extensions follow our technical best practices and meet high standards in user experience and design.”

Tabby Cat – Shows 1 moving cat on a new tab

This is probably the case, the green frog recorded a video:

You want to talk about functions, what kind of functions do you need for this kind of thing, it’s a cat, every time you refresh a new tab, you change a cat, and sometimes there’s a bunch of fire, hot dogs, pizza, or a little hat paper . The mouse will still move after passing it, and you are not required to be loyal, just change as many as you want.

Also, each cat has a name.

Tabby Cat - 在新标签页上显示 1 只会动的猫[Chrome 商店精选] 1



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