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Finally bought my first microphone

Original link: https://wind.ink/archives/9773 https://wind.ink/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/First time recording podcast.mp3 Good evening, friends, this is the “Her Blue” channel for people who love music and movies. Today is a good day worthy of a small celebration for me, because I finally got my first microphone in my life today. Now I have finished recording this program with great …

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train and destination

Original link: https://wind.ink/archives/9748 I’ve been on many rides, From my hometown to Shenzhen, From Shenzhen to Mohe, And from me to yours. The mood of the train on the way is joyful, The train was lost on the way back. life is at peace, It seemed to suddenly lose its purpose. Every train has a …

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favorite movie

Original link: https://wind.ink/archives/9627 Titanic This article is transferred from: https://wind.ink/archives/9627 This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.


Original link: https://wind.ink/archives/9574 except for a little secret I’m just a very ordinary person I open my arms to embrace the world the world embraces me too what i experienced or unexperienced everything I want to express I am free and eager to communicate Know how to get along with people but don’t force empathy …

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Small Hands Big Hands / Recording

I still remember the fireworks of that concert, I still remember that cool late autumn Remember when the crowd pushed you towards me, the amusement park was crowded just in time Waiting for a night without sleep, soaking in the hot springs together for a luxurious enjoyment Another stupid confusion in the diary because your …

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