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Brick and mortar store

At 6 o’clock this afternoon, after going downstairs, I stopped by Wumart Supermarket to buy hot pot ingredients for the evening, and some daily necessities – this is the first time I went out to the community for shopping since the last isolation. There are very few people on the road, there is very little …

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List of recent cooking

During the home quarantine period, I cannot go out, and even the takeaway courier is helped by the epidemic prevention staff, which is very inconvenient. So, we picked up the spatula again and explored the mysteries of the kitchen . At present, there is no shortage of materials in Shanghai, so we don’t have too …

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dinner drama

I have been working from home for more than a month, and I have hardly ordered takeout during this period. Basically, three people cook and eat together. When eating, you need to watch something, which is a long-standing problem. At the beginning we watched the movie , but the movie lasted for an hour and …

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I’m starting to get scared

At the end of 2019 , when a number of WeChat groups spread about the occurrence of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan—I was not afraid, and even dared to transit in Wuhan when I went home—I believed in regular reports, and I did not trust those gossip. At the beginning of 2020 , when Wuhan was …

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Quarantine Diary | Sudden Epidemic

This is the second quarantine this year, only four days have passed since the last quarantine ended, and only four months have passed this year. I intend to record these experiences in simple words – from the ordinary perspective of an ordinary person. 22:00: The besieged community On Friday, the company table tennis club organizes …

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The new crown is not a disease

Steel Steel! Smash the pots and pans clean Clear to clear! The new crown is not a disease ──In the early morning, after watching the video of a mother in Shanghai community asking for medicine This article is reprinted from: https://aaronnick.github.io/posts/outside-covid-19/ This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.