the end of summer

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This summer seems to be endless. Even though the beginning of autumn has passed, we still receive red high temperature warnings every day. August is coming to an end, this is my first summer as a social animal, but it seems extraordinarily long.

The high temperature, 996 and the sound of the electric drill constantly coming from upstairs and downstairs are my perfect summary of this summer. Shanghai is a city full of modern charm, so many people want to come in, but I just want to escape. We, who have nothing, exchange our youth and health for wealth, will we regret a few years later? After all, we are only migrant workers in the modern era, playing the role of cattle, horses and animals in one way.

When you envy others, others envy you too. I always want to run away, but how many people envy me. Every time I hear about the sudden death caused by long-term overtime, I feel annoyed but unable to do anything. We are only the bottom people, and our parents don’t give us much, and now is the best result, but at least I don’t think it should be like this. Repeated, rushing, day after day, endless, endless, but never had the courage to jump out. If you expect this, it is better to be an ideal self and find your own field to open up a world. But courage is a rare thing. At least, I don’t.

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