The way to beat magic is not to use magic

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Saw this video a few days ago, and the author of the video wanted to teach his viewers not to be too honest and polite – especially when being outrageous was “useful”. I know that this is actually the consensus of many people. This is how the saying of using magic to defeat magic comes from, and the video has more than one million likes.

The young author thought that only by learning this “bad trick” can we get rid of the state of being a student and become a mature person; we should be ashamed that as adults, we failed to create a good social atmosphere for young people, and It is the bad status quo that makes young people feel that learning to put aside politeness and underestimate self-cultivation is called maturity.

Do we demand our own cultivation because they are “useful”? Choose brute when you find brute more useful? I would say that the part we really have is what we are willing to stick to anyway, and only because we value it. If you still want to ask: Isn’t it mean that people who are cultivated are destined to be pitiful and always get less than others? My answer is: if you give up your self-cultivation, you may be able to get others to “stop your work and concentrate on serving you”; but every time you don’t give up, you actually improve your self-cultivation – for those who value self-cultivation, they also Is there anything more lucrative than this?


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