TrendForce downgraded this year’s TV shipments to 202 million units, down 3.8% year-on-year

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 26, according to a TrendForce survey, global TV shipments reached 45.17 million units in the second quarter of this year, down 5% quarter-on-quarter and 6.8% year-on-year. The outbreak came as second-quarter shipments fell below a record low of 46 million units for the first time. TrendForce further pointed out that due to the continuous impact of inflation and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the reduction of consumer budgets has led to lower-than-expected TV sales, resulting in a rise in inventory levels. Therefore, TrendForce once again lowered its TV shipments this year to 202 million units, a decrease of 3.8% year-on-year. Although the brand is actively creating new promotion opportunities, if the results are not as expected, it cannot be ruled out that the annual shipment volume is still at risk of being revised down to below 200 million units.

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