Twitter responds to Musk’s counterclaim: its claim to be “deceived” is not credible and looks forward to a court trial

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On July 29, local time, Musk launched a private countersuit against Twitter, which means that the content of the lawsuit cannot be immediately made available to the public, but its version can be made public in the near future, with some sensitive details edited.

Twitter Chairman Bret Taylor tweeted on Thursday local time that Musk’s allegations “are not factual, legally inadequate, and not commercially relevant.” His tweet gave a link to Twitter’s 127-page response to Musk’s counterclaim and said the company looked forward to a trial in Delaware Chancery Court, scheduled for Oct. 17, The Wall Street Journal reported.

In its response, Twitter said Musk’s claim that he was “tricked” into signing the $44 billion merger agreement was not credible and that he did not have the authority to back out of the deal based on concerns about the number of fake accounts on Twitter’s platform.

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