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Nursery school water play in 2023

Original link: First of all, today is my 35th birthday! Popo had a fever, so I asked for leave to stay with her at home until I had to take her to see a doctor. She was coughing all night last night, and the whole family didn’t sleep well. It’s pitiful. I hope everyone […]

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Friends (Ukulele)

Original link: The original words were written in 2006, during the second and third years of high school. After coming to Japan for graduate school, I bought a ukulele and recorded playing and singing in 2013. Recently I have been sorting out the network disk, re-recorded the playing and singing, and added an intro

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Things Backfire (Ukulele)

Original link: In 2005, let me think about it, I was probably a sophomore in high school. I was really obsessed with writing in high school . Although I wasn’t very good at writing, it was more than enough to entertain my friends. I also wrote some songs at that time, most of them

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piggy smile at me

Original link: I remember when I was in the second year of junior high school, I suddenly felt inspired by the piggy bank at home, and wrote this song (I don’t know if it’s a song or not). At that time, middle school two, the rebellion of adolescence made me write my dissatisfaction with

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How to transfer a domain name

Original link: Brother Dou took his baby to the water park today, I am so happy, the me-time came unexpectedly! It just so happens that I have done a lot of things recently, and my desire to record is particularly strong. I can get a whole day of blogging time, and my heart is

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Organize the Master Bedroom Closet

Original link: Taken on October 9, 2022 Friends who often come to my blog may know that I have been exploring dressing and simplifying clothes. No, it took a while to implement the all white outfit , and the number of clothes dropped sharply. I think it’s time to tidy up the wardrobe. So

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753’s three-year-old photo

Original link: August 15, 2022 is the anniversary of my love with Brother Dou, so coincidentally, the three-year-old photo shoot I made an appointment for Popo is also on this day. It was almost exactly one year ago, the Obon Festival in August was one of the three major holidays in Japan. We took

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Minami Awaji Day Tour (5P)

Original link: Thanks to the time and place recording function of the photo, I discovered that this was a beautiful event that happened on National Day last year. Last fall, my friend (Jayden’s mother) asked me if I would like to participate in the rice harvesting experience organized by her. I heard two important

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Popo’s first sports meeting

Original link: All ready to go Saturday, October 8. The sky was foggy and it had just rained. Everyone is worried that the sports meeting will not be held as scheduled, but it’s okay. Although the playground is wet, it seems that the teachers have come to tidy it up early in the morning,

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Shirahama Treading the Waves (7P)

Original link: This year I’m so good, all the blogging is done. In fact, I adjusted the standard of blogging, from rigid indicators to arbitrary, so the “burden” has been reduced a lot. No, after resting for a while, I found the spare energy to start “remedial lessons”. The first lesson in the reverse

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Happy 4th Birthday Popo ?

Original link: Popo is almost four and a half years old, and I just came to write about her fourth birthday, but I started to write anyway, give myself a thumbs up! After all, two and three years old haven’t written yet . Every year, the birthdays of the three of us are a

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Returning to China after three years

Original link: After three years of the epidemic, the policy finally slowed down. Ever since they knew that the isolation system had been cancelled, the whole family began to “crash”. It just so happens that there is a long holiday on May 1st, so I saved up to eleven days. I tracked the air

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