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A brief discussion on the Chinese character system (1)

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/383/ I have been studying Chinese linguistics recently, starting with Chinese characters. I read “Six Essays on Chinese Characters” and “Ten Lectures on Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture” written by Wang Ning, and learned from them the methods of analyzing the Chinese character system. With the help of “Shuowen Jiezi” and Ziyuan.com , […]

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Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/367/ October 3, 2021 iCity diary in Xuzhou Vegetables are planted along the South River, planing pits and spreading rapeseed. The peppers on the shore are red, and the water chestnut is fragrant. After hoeing, look at the distant mountains, wading to the other side. The setting sun sprinkles the afterglow, and the

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From Japan’s nuclear waste water discharge to nuclear war, how far are we from the doomsday wasteland?

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/366/ On August 24, 2023, Japan officially began to discharge nuclear wastewater into the ocean, once again proving to us how stupid human beings are and what serious consequences narrow economic rationality will lead to. Similarly, from the perspective of economic rationality, US imperialism and the military-industrial complex, biomedical capital, and financial consortia

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depression is not a disease

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/359/ No one would think that a blind eye or a broken leg is a disease. The memory and scars of the injury tell us that it is an injury, not a disease. Because the damage is tangible. But the hurt in the heart is invisible, and there are no visible scars after

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life is a game

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/358/ life is a game, More realistic and exciting than other games, So many people are addicted to it and can’t extricate themselves, Can not calmly appreciate the pain and joy. life is a game, It is more flexible and more restrictive than other games. we can do whatever we want, No difficulty

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Interpretation of Lin Zhenglu’s Pingnan Practice

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/357/ Poetic Dwelling – Constructing a New Way of Life and Production Superposition Nature and residence are superimposed, residence is in nature, and nature is also in residence. The residence is organically integrated with nature. Living place, business place, creative space and social space are superimposed. The multi-functional residence is not only a

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be a candid person

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/356/ I sincerely repent of all the mistakes I have made, make up as much as possible, never again Let all mistakes be past tense, To be a spiritually innocent person, No need to hide your past and present, no more secrets Since then, act frankly, speak frankly, Facing all eyes openly This

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My Collection Testimonials

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/355/ I have collected three paintings. I have witnessed the process of their creation, and they have touched me and triggered my thinking and perception. I think this is a kind of fate. Mason’s “The Corner” The painting is a corner of the studio. Made me think a lot. The subjective world of

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Out of Siping

Original link: http://mingxin.life/index.php/archives/353/ When I first arrived at Siping, It was raining lightly. During the two days before I will move to Qitou, It began to rain again, From sudden showers, to dense moderate rain, to fine drizzle, The air turns from stuffy to cool. The wind blows, like a lover’s gentle touch. In this

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