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Square Weekly (Issue 8): Going Home

Original link: It seems that our life is only for a few things: the college entrance examination where we write hard, the short Spring Festival return home, the reluctance to wave goodbye, the holidays full of expectations, the double break after a tiring work week, and the countdown before get off work every day. […]

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Plaza Weekly (Issue 7): Disaster

Original link: At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was just a wildfire, a drought, the extinction of a species, and the disappearance of a city, until this disaster was closely related to everyone. —— via @cooolr The weekly content comes from Memos Square and Lin Mumu and his friends telegram channel.

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Hi , Obsidian Digital Garden

Original link: A plug-in that can directly publish Obsidian documents and build a website! GitHub project address: oleeskild/obsidian-digital-garden Obsidian plugin: Digital Garden A few nagging A few days ago, I found that the very useful Obsidian plug-in was hung up. It can only be released but cannot be updated or deleted. After some searching,

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Square Weekly (Issue 1)

Original link: I often look at your square, and I have gained a lot. When I think of an idea, let’s see if it’s worth it: When your square’s content becomes more and more abundant, maybe you can publish a “square weekly” or monthly magazine. It shouldn’t be too much trouble. You as the

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Qingdao Sansanhang

Original link: In Qingdao, three people will go for a three-day trip. The biggest feeling about Qingdao is: the atmosphere! Sigh that this is the real “seaside city”! There was almost no strategy for this trip. I only booked the air ticket and three nights hotel in advance. After all, Qingdao has a well-developed

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New Mac 101 ?

Original link: I finally replaced the iMac (2012) that has been in use for more than ten years. The external SSD installed the system a few years ago to continue the life until now. A few months ago, I started to use IINA to play 1080p fast-forward for 3 seconds, and 4K direct PPT.

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Hi Apple TV

Original link: After opening the box, it will arrive in three and a half days. Wait for the power adapter, an hour. Toss and upgrade tvOS 17 for an hour. Toss the network direct solution, two hours. Sofa Netflix picking and watching dramas, five hours. After the experience, it is quite beautiful. Specifically (flowing

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Hi, Rime

Original link: Long long ago, I saw these characters “Rime”, but after seeing the configuration, I spread my hands and said goodbye. Last week, I saw it again from the Feed Bot subscribed to ” Beep Square ” and blogs, and I didn’t make a fuss for the first time until I saw this

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Memos Square (Telegram Channel Edition)

Original link: Channel link: When I find that I have nothing to do, I will swipe the “Beep Square” . Recently, I learned a lot of interesting and beautiful things from here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, and although I like to toss, I also like out-of-the-box and one-click deployment. I also

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