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let go happily

Behind the small mourning is attachment Behind the small mourning is attachment Our daily griefs (small but definite depressions) are actually rooted in some kind of attachment to us. (Attachment is a psychological term that refers to attaching a sense of security to some behavior or thing or person). List a few attachment behaviors: Overeating …

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meditation and breathing

One of my articles on meditation received a comment saying, “The last thing a beginner should pay attention to is breathing, and the more you pay attention, the more likely you are to have trouble breathing.” Today, by replying to this comment, I’m going to briefly talk about whether beginner meditators should count the breath, …

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Take a moment to affirm yourself

Most people praise and criticize themselves every day. Their view of themselves is strict and harsh. No wonder people are often exhausted and discouraged. Suppose you have children or employees, and you always open your mouth and criticize them harshly. How does this affect their motivation and self-perception? If we can encourage ourselves from time …

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