Steam Stolen, CSGO Inventory Sold Short

Original link: I never thought that this would happen to me. When I saw the default skin in the competition last night, I thought it was a network problem. This morning, when I saw an unknown login waiting to be confirmed in the token verification of Steam, an ominous premonition emerged. When I boarded […]

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New tires for Model 3

Original link: Overdue original tires This set of original tires (if you don’t count the right rear tire that was scratched less than half a year ago, and had to be replaced with a new one), I have been driving for 3 years and 11 months, with a distance of 88,000 kilometers. During the

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Space Exploration Editorial Department

Original link: Incomplete viewing process Doing the math, the viewing date was almost two months ago. My first impression at the time was that “Uncle Gong” playing this role was very suitable for the character’s temperament, old-fashioned and a bit paranoid at the same time. Later, due to lack of sleep, I took a

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COVID-19 sequelae

Original link: People’s attitude towards the new crown seems to be on the same level as a cold now, and it is rare to see anyone openly talking about the symptoms after recovery. For someone like me who came to the “Shouyang” five months later than the peak, talking about the so-called “sequelae” is

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About Douyin

Original link: About 5 or 6 years ago, at nine o’clock in the morning on a certain Saturday, I opened the Douyin just installed with a curious mood, and opened up a new world… When I checked the time again, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon… It was the first time I

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myth busting

Original link: I escaped the wave of large-scale infection of the new crown last year, thinking that I may be a blessing in disguise because of “rhinitis”. He has always claimed to “maintain a sense of awe” in his mouth, and imagined that by admitting counsel-“sooner or later, he will not be able to

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The life of electronic products

Original link: The electric toothbrush that was repaired last year went on strike again two days ago. The reason why I chose to repair at that time was because Panasonic customer service said on the phone: This model is quite expensive and it is worth repairing. 2019.6-2022.6, this is the service life of the

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Return to the diamond

Original link: Counting today, I went to the National Tennis Center to watch live games three times in total. The first two times were in 2011 and 2017, exactly every six years, which is not a short interval. I used to go to China Open, and every time I went, I was very lucky,

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How far is AI

Original link: The title is a bit high-profile. In fact, I just want to record my recent contact with various AI, Chat, and GPT. If I directly talk about the conclusion, it is for me who do not understand technology and can only use commercial services at the cognitive level. Ordinary users, AI currently

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Not By AI

Original link: As an amateur player who loves to toss the theme, since I bought this Theme, it has been a long time since I have made drastic changes in it. A while ago, I found that DinevThemes, the site of the theme creator, could no longer be opened, and there was no hope

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Slow Horses

Original link: Recently, I really like to recommend this spy-themed suspense drama. Slow horses is a poisonous boss who works in the “cold palace” and a few useless agents. Survived for no reason. In fact, it is a bit redundant to get the information. It is more of a technical genre instead of heroism

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Evaluating ChatGPT is like pony crossing the river

Original link: The recent review articles related to AI and ChatGPT are a bit PTSD, some articles are long and obscure, some articles are too technical, some continue to tout, and some start to downplay. As a spectator who is watching the excitement and being eager to move around, I only vaguely understand what

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