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Insomnia, many thoughts flashed

(The following is the thoughts shared in the circle of friends after the corner grass insomnia. I was very touched after reading it. After obtaining consent, I added a little bit of my own thoughts as the beginning of the new year.) Text / Corner Grass Insomnia, but flashed a lot of thinking. 1. Most […]

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2023! new year wishes

Text/Liao Chaoguo Time stumbles and alternates between heaven and earth; years come and go, reincarnation in the world. In the blink of an eye, in 2022, the curtain has come to an end without saying goodbye; in the long-awaited hope, 2023 has awakened the earth with the bell of spring. hello! 2023! When we cross

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2023 New Year Message

In the year of 2022, so many things happened that it was overwhelming. Recalling the Winter Olympics and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of the year, it seems that they are so far away that it is almost hard to believe that they also happened this year. In 2022, many major

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Zhiguang in life

Foreword: “Even if there are too many helplessness in life, you have to face it calmly and survive” written by Mr. Liao Chaoguo. After reading it, I feel a little dull and depressed. I have different interpretations of life. Beautiful, I named it the “wisdom light” of Zen, so I took the time to write

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